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We want to empower millennials and Gen Z to see money in a way that's life-giving, not life-sucking.


Everything you could ever hope to learn about your money is right here. From paying off debt to investing for the future to giving massive sums of money away, we'll talk about it.


Do you know where your money is going? If you struggle month to month or need guidance on investing strategies, we will provide the roadmap throughout the process.


Determine what your ultimate purpose for your dollars and cents is. Rather than living in the status quo, give your money purpose.

Hello there. You. Reading this. I’m talking to you! Thanks for stopping by! I guess you were looking for something else and happened to stumble on this little blog? Well, while you’re here take a look around! Our story is probably very similar to yours. Barely scraping by month after month. Paying Uncle Sam more than Uncle Jim for rent. Paying the bank $35 on the reg for overdraft fees. I get it. I’ve been there. Good news though! You can escape that lifestyle and create a life of financial purpose just like I did! From making $1,200 in my first 9 months of employment after college to creating 2 businesses, working my way up the $1 Million plus family business to Chief Operating Officer, and paying off all debt by the age of 30, I’ve worked hard to create a life of purpose and use our finances for much greater purpose than I had ever imagined. It’s not easy all the time, but it’s so much fun, so worth it, and it doesn’t take near as long as you think! Take a look around and be sure to sign up for the updated blog posts!

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